Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Chalkboard Canister Labels

Chalkboard Canister Labels using the Big Shot, sitstaystamp.com #stampinup

I have a friend who's super crafty.  She has 5 kids and still manages to build furniture, shop with coupons, take her children to music lessons, and teach cub scouts on top of everything else she does.

Every time I see this e-card, I think of her:

Because she's so crafty, she's organizing her pantry with special custom can holders she built herself, (yeah, I know!) and she's the one who told me you can buy chalkboard Contact paper.

Now, I bought these glass jars for my flour and sugar a long time ago and they've sat naked on my counter for a long time.  I don't have an e-cutter, so I realized if I wanted to label the jars I'd probably have to order some cute custom vinyl off etsy or come up with something else.  But I figured, I know what's inside of them, do they really need to be labeled?  And if anyone else wanted to use them, wouldn't they know the difference between sugar and flour?  And if they didn't, why are they in my kitchen baking for me anyhow?

But, after seeing my friend's cute labels using contact paper and punches, I figured I'd give it a shot myself.

This is the Contact paper.  I searched for it at my local craft and big box stores before giving up and just ordering it from Amazon:

It comes in an 18" x 6' roll and sells for $8.20 right now.

Because I only used a few inches, this 6 foot roll should last me forever - or, at least until the whole chalkboard trend ends, right?

Actually, if I've jumped on board with a trend that means it's pretty much already over. . .

For my labels I used the largest and second largest of the Labels Collection Framelit Dies and ran them through my Big Shot with the Contact paper.

That's it.

Then peeled off the backing and put them on my canisters.

So easy, right? And Stampin' Up! has so many different framelit collections right now, I'm thinking about using them to label all kinds of things around my house right now.

Here's the link for the Chalkboard Contact paper.

And, if you need help purchasing the Labels Collection Framelit Dies or any other Big Shot items, I can help you with that.

You can find all the different framelits HERE in my online store.


  1. Bwahahahaha! You crack me UP, Natalie! These are adorable, and so smart of you to use the Framelits and not just buy them on etsy. Heck, you should make a bunch of them and SELL them on etsy yourself. :-D

  2. Well...this is very helpful and I will certainly order some. Thanks for much for enabling me. LOL! Doesn't take much..just a good idea.


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